Your support system
in a safe & nurturing environment

Our Mission

An ethical, respectful and experienced behavioral health team coming together supporting change that is measured by the amount of effort in each individual’s ability to succeed.

Our Vision

To provide a safe environment for a client to work on social, physical, spiritual and creative aspects of their wellbeing.

We found that many individuals were underserved and placed through a cycle of psychiatric hospitalizations and often discharged without any support. We also realized many of those individuals did not fit in the traditional sober living home. It is our goal at PSL to help our clients by applying what they learn from a multi-disciplinary team and extending it thru support, volunteering, health, wellness, medication supervision and life skills assistance. We discovered that this can improve each client’s abilities and enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of their lives.

Our vision at PSL is to provide a supportive living environment that meets each individual’s needs and to tackle their own unique personal challenges. Let us assist you in your psychiatric transitions so that you or your loved one can develop the skills needed for a better quality of life.

What We Provide

PSL provides supportive housing in a safe and nurturing home as an extension to Intensive outpatient programming and therapeutic appointments.

We provide social/life skills training, medication supervision by medical coordinators and case management for individuals varying in age, ranges between 18 and 65 years old, as well as diverse mental health conditions.

Interventions and In-Home Support Services are also available, providing complete wrap-around services.

PSL is comprised of a dedicated and compassionate team that has extensive experience in psychiatric settings.